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Silver Mist Meadows


We raise Tamworth, Berkshire and a cross of the two.  Here is information on them!


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We raise registered Tamworth pigs.  They are known as a bacon pig because they have an extra rib making them a longer pig.  They are also a leaner pig putting more feed into muscle then into fat.  They were historically used to clear brush and turn the soil.  Their long strong snouts make them great at rooting.  They are a dark copper in colour with copper eyes.  They have longer hair then most breeds making them less susceptible to sunburn.  They do well in both warm an cold climates.  They will grow a longer haired coat in the winter to help keep themselves warm.  They are known as being good moms,farrowing in hay bales, under brush, or in huts.  Ours tend to be sweet and like to be rubbed and scratched.  They also have a sweet maple type smell to them. 



These black and white pigs are very pretty.  


Tamworth/Berkshire Crosses

Our crosses are a Tamworth boar and a Yorkshire sow.  This will give us a pig that grows faster then the pure bred Tamworth's but not as fatty as the Yorkshire's.  They still get that sweet temperament from the parents.  They usually have the extra rib like the Tamworth's do.  These guys are usually just sold as wieners in the spring for butchering in the fall.  We raise a few ourselves every year too.