Silver Mi s  

Silver Mist Meadows


This is our buckling.  His name is Ceasar and we are hoping to get baby's off him this coming year.  

The black and white one in the front is a Nubian.  She froze her ears off at birth, so her ears flap.  Pearl!

The white one in the back is half Saanen and half Togenburg.  Snowflake!

All our baby's are bottle fed. 

We raise Nubian goats.  We have a very small herd and have just started out.  We look forward to every spring for the cute kids we get.  All of our kids are bottle fed.  Nubian goats are dairy goats.  If you compare the goats to the cows, the Nubian goat is like the Jersey cow.  They give a wonderful and high butterfat.  Great for making butter and cheese.  Where as the Saanen is more like the Holstein, less butterfat but more volume.  Our Nubian's love attention.  Being bottle fed from birth, they are more like big dogs, coming when called.  Goats can also be used as pack animals or for pulling a cart.