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Silver Mist Meadows


We will post here when we have anything available.  Thank you for looking.

I accept paypal, certified check, cash on pick up, or email transfer.  Once arrangements have been made you can pay your deposit or remaining balance through paypal.  I will send you an invoice.  All funds (if not certified check or cash) must have cleared before anything will be allowed to leave the farm.

Hay *Available*

We have some hay this year.  Alfalfa mix small squares.  Not horse quality.

Jersey's *Unavailable*

Every other year we bred our Jersey girls by AI.  This way they have pure Jersey calves.  We will be AI'ing them in 2014 for calves 2015.

Cattle  *Unavailable*

Due to our herd bull not producing for two years, we have changed bulls and will be calving very late next year.  Stay toned to see what surprises come.


Pigs *Unavailable*

Currently we do not have any pigs available. 

We sale our piglets at 8 weeks and older. We will have them immediately upon weaning available for purchase.  You may reserve your piglets.  They will be sold only as butcher stock. 

Goats  *Unavailable*

We are breeding for May/June 2014.  We hope to have a few babies for sale. 

Rabbits  *Unavailable*

We usually have available stock year round.  We have pet quality, meat quality, and occasionally breeding stock.  I do NOT ship rabbits.  You must make arrangements with me on pick up of the rabbit and or cage.  Once your rabbit has been purchased it will be removed.

We will have kits weaned again at the end of April 2014. 


Misc Items *Available*

Rabbit cages, all wire


Pastured horse boarding.  This includes water, pasture, hay in the winter, and a three sided shelter.  I will not allow stallions here.  Your horse will not be alone, it will be with other horses.  I do not allow more then 5 horses per pasture.  They are 20 acre pastures.  If you have your horse here and it is overly aggressive to any other horses, other livestock, or people, you will be asked to remove it immediately.  Please no mares in foal without prior knowledge and you must provide all vet care and check ups.  There is no farrier service, vet service, or anything else provided.  This is simply a piece of land with water available to rent. 



Chickens *Available starting March 6th, 2014*

Hatching will be started in just a few short months.  To ensure you have what you want for spring order now.  This is what will be available:

Laying Breeds:

Black Layer - This sexlinked cross will be a black laying hen.  She will produce brown eggs. 

Red Layer - This sexlinked cross will be a red laying hen and will lay brown eggs.


Prices: *This is color sexed at hatching.  Prices are for female's*

Day old - one week $7

Two week old - three weeks $8.50

Month old $10

Ready to lay (three months) $25


Heritage Breeds:

Black Jersey Giant

Buff Orpington

Rhode Island Red

Black Copper Maran

Barred Rock



Straight Run Day old $8

Straight Run 2 weeks $10

Straight Run Month old $12

3 Month old pullets $25

3 Month old cockerals $20 


  • We require 25% non-refundable deposit to hold any animals. 
  • Once funds have cleared animals are marked as sold.
  • Remaining 75% due at pick up and must be cash, certified check, credit card or money order. 
  • Once payment is made in full animals are removed from the website.
  • Animals are to be picked up at the farm unless otherwise stated and arranged.
  • There will be a $1 per day per animal charge to feed and water all sold animals after 15 days, unless prior arrangments have been made. 
  • Transport cost are not included in sale price.
  • All animals are sold as is.
  • There are no guarentee's on any animals or animal products.
  • Click here to view bill of sale