Silver Mi s  

Silver Mist Meadows

The Family, The Farm, The Fun


Welcome to our home!


The Family:

Dan and Tera work the farm year round.  With the help of Dan's Grandma and Grandpa, Dan is able to get all the planting and field work done every year.  Tera concentrates on the animals with the help of their three daughters.  For us, the farm is not just a job or a place to work, it is a way of life.  One that we would not willing give up.  It is a great place to raise our family and instill the values we want in our children.  Our family and friends come from all over to visit.  Even as far away as New York and Utah in the U.S.  Dan's Grandma and Grandpa gave up the cold winters up north and live down south, but are here every summer.  Dan's parents still live here on the farm too.  Our family and the farm go hand in hand. 


The Farm:

The farm is a fifth generation working farm.  It started as a family farm, went to a dairy mixed farm, then to a grain farm, and now, back to a mixed family farm.  We raise crops, beef cattle, pigs, chickens, turkeys, dairy cows, dairy goats, horses, and our children.  Few things we dont raise these days.  We sell our products we make on the farm as well as at the farmer's markets.  Everything is made here locally in the Peace Country.  We farm as close to how our great grandfather farmed with the knowledge we have.  We know what goes into our feeds and the quality of meat or eggs that we will get from them.  Everything here has it's purpose.


The Fun:

It isn't all work and no fun here on the farm.  Isn't this everyone's favorite thing?  Fun!!!  Fun is described in as many ways as there are people.  I say, fun is meant to be had.  If you don't want to wash down the cow that day, get someone to help, it is always more fun to have a water fight and get the cow washed then to just do it alone.  Together, most things are more fun.  Getting the kids involved just makes it all that more comical.  Have you ever listened to the things that come out of a 3 yr old's mouth?  WOW!  Adding a baby and a puppy playing in the yard just adds to the mix.  Then there is watching Dan TRYING to catch an escaped chicken.  It only adds to the laughs when the three yr old is the one that comes up the winner with chicken in hand.  Then you add in a 6 yr old that thinks she is always right and knows it all.  Well, there are interesting conversations, especially with people that visit the farm!